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How the world cup billions could have helped Brazil.

Back in 2007, Brazil was elected to host the FIFA soccer World Cup in 2014. Since then, countless projects were started to ensure that the world cup will be a figurehead for brazil and it's economic growth. Stadiums, training camps, hotels and airports have been build all over the country. The Federal Office Of Statistics in brazil, estimates that the costs for the world cup will ad up to the enormous sum of 11.5 billion US$.


The following grafik shows how the total costs split up on different areas.

Even though soccer is a religion in Brazil, not everybody welcomed the decision of the nation hosting the world cup. As Brazil is still a threshold country, we (like many Brazilians) were wondering if there weren't any better options to invest the money.

How many Nurses could have been employed for a year?

Brazilians are unsatisfied with their health care system. How many nurses do you think could have been hired in one year with 11.5 billion $?